Our versatile scent machines can be connected to HVAC system or can be standalone for direct dispensing. The fragrance mist is dispensed as tiny as micron particles, which enable the scent to be spread evenly and long-lasting in the space. The design is simple and minimal, suitable for any office set up and home designs.

Power/Voltage: 10W/AC220V
Coverage: 5000 cubic meter
Dimension: W345 x D150 x H335mm
Capacity: 1000ml
Noise Level: Less than 50dBa
Net Weight: 7.4kg
Installation Method: HVAC connect / stand-alone
Accessories: 10mm tube, connector for HVAC system, seal ring, adaptor, and screws, adaptor, user manual
Suitable for: large reception, lobby, meeting room, offices etc...


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